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Marxism: Reading Material, etc.

Notes From Below -
Red Texts - Big library of communist epubs and a good amt of interesting links.
Prolesoft - Software by and for the proletariat.
Read Settlers - The text of J. Sakai's Settlers, in its entirety; rendered in HTML.
The Charnel House - A good blog
Communists in Situ - Well curated site with lots of good quality PDFs from a variety of marxist thinkers like Simone Weil, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, etc.
Marxists Internet Archive - A deep repository of classic marxist texts.
Monoskop - Radical-oriented wiki with an eye for aesthetics. Lots of cool pdfs.
Bureau of Public Secrets
Proletarian Library - (fellow neocities traveler!)
The Anarchist Library - Huge database of lots of political texts in different formats
Foriegn Languages Press Library Good library of various marxist texts in several different languages


Graphic Design

All our zines are formatted with torrented design software found on sites like rarbg and, more torrenting resources below~!
Zine Formatter via Radical Reprints - A program that takes regular (NOT imposed) PDFs and spits out imposed zines, with the option for miniatures (3 copies a page!) Radical Reprints has tons of pdfs that are already optimized for their formatter, or you could try your own! Just make sure your total page count is a multiple of 4!
GIMP - Open source alternative to photoshop, interface can be hard for beginners but it's free and can do a lot!
Lunacy GOAT-ed scribus
LibreCreative - Another neocities based site with a wiki of free-of-charge creative softwares!
Scribus - If you prefer not to torrent, this is a free, open source page layout/design program. Similarly to GIMP, there's a bit of a learning curve, but I've seen excellent things done with this software.
Good Sources For Graphics
The Internet Archive- Man, you can really find anything here if you really know what you want to see. I've gotten so much good visual material for all kinds of projects on the internet archive. LOTS of good high quality and public domain/creative commons licensed images, along with high quality scans of printed materials including covers and illustrations.
Artvee - Search engine for high resolution public domain art.
Artstor Digital Library - High quality scans/photos of visual art, lots to browse in their "public collections". If you have an institutional login through your school or work, it gets that much better!
Film-Grab - Database of HQ searchable screengrabs from movies
Consumer aesthetics research institute - A thoroughly tagged database tracking trends in consumer product design. Super helpful for elucidating an aethetic you want to go for but might not be able to put words to right away. - Another curated archive of graphic design, good for inspiration!
The Public Domain Review - Curated, HQ scans of all sorts of public domain materials. Also just a really cool site to read!

Font Gauntlet - A tool for testing out fonts in browser
Velvetyne Type Foundry - Lots of really cool, free, open source fonts.
Old School PC Fonts (free)
Open Source Publishing Foundry - More high quality open source fonts!
List of Other Open Source Type Foundries - This should be a good start on your font journey.



VPN links:Riseup VPN- Free! Run by anarchists!.
BitTorrent clients:Deluge and Transmission -Both free, open-source, very barebones. No ads or secret cryptominers
Torrenting Guide - FLASHING GRAPHICS
Another torrenting guide!
Secure/encrypted email services: proton, disroot, and
word processing Cryptpad -Works like google docs, collaborative documents, spreadsheets, forms and presentations
LibreOffice - Works like microsoft word, but free and open source (you can save as a word document)
Encrypted texting: Signal and Telegram
Open-source ebook file management and reader: Calibre
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